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JOIN TODAY Membership Access to the Global Wholesalers' Resource Webpage, Featuring the Latest Models in Shahe Market, Guangzhou, China

Discover the Latest Women’s Fashion Trends at Shahe Market, a Leading Wholesale Hub in China.

Shahe Market isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a treasure trove for fashion business owners alike. Located in Guangzhou, China, Shahe Market is as one of the biggest wholesale clothing markets in the country. While Shahe offers a wide variety of garments, this section specifically highlights the market’s strength in women’s clothing. Here, you’ll find a dynamic selection of styles, catering to various tastes and budgets. Unlike some wholesale markets, Shahe boasts a unique advantage: many shop owners here manufacture their own products. This translates to potentially greater control over quality and the ability to offer competitive prices.

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in fashion. Our service aims to bridge the gap between you and the latest trends at Shahe Market. We’ll provide a convenient and efficient way to access the newest women’s clothing styles, making it feel like you’re browsing the market itself, every day.
Sign up for our updates to receive the hottest women’s fashion trends straight from Shahe Market. Let us be your guide to navigating the vast selection at Shahe and discover the perfect pieces for your business or personal wardrobe.

What Will You Get ?

Exclusive Member Webpage, endless stream of the latest women's fashion trends, updated almost daily from our network of trusted suppliers in Shahe Market. With a simple login, you'll gain immediate access to the wealth of content and benefits that our membership offers. It's that easy!

Stay updated with us, and what is it for ?

To Make Next Purchase The most common reason why a Buyer should subscribe, that is to make good puchases for your company goods flow.

To Analyze Competitors There are some moments Buyers feel stocks they have doesn't quite competitive & up to date, here they can have more info to consider market.

Efficiency, Save a Lot A lot of buyers used to come to market every week / 2 week / month, with this subscription they don't need to come that often. Save Time, Energy and Money.

To See Trends Lots of buyers come to the market just to see the trends, they don't always make purchases at once. They need to discuss with their team first.

To Maintain Fast Fashion A lot of buyers like to have first time updated goods in every time. Here they can have the quickest access to get the most updated models.

Comfort - No Rush - More Effective A lot of buyers don't feel very comfortable coming to market, because its Crowded and Rushed Situation. Here they can make more careful purchases.

To Get Inspiration Lot of buyers come to market just to see models around, they are looking for some clicks to make their own product model.

To Find Old Models There are some moments Buyer wants to repurchase some old models, here they can get old models up to 15 months. (start from Oct 2023)

Different, Here is not a Marketplace Here is a site displaying Models Feed online from specifically Shahe Market Suppliers. It is not a online marketplace.

What Kind of Source Will You Get ?

Special Only From Shahe Market More Than 50 Selected Suppliers Feed

99% Same As On Market Daily updated - Here you will see almost the same as what you see at the market

Active - Experienced - Real Factory Been Doing Transactions with our existing buyers for more than 10 years, proven their prices are the "source".

Collected Directly from Market All Feeds are collected by us. Here isn't like marketplace system which is uploaded by another seller ( Trader or 2nd / 3rd hand ).

Low Margin - Quantity Oriented Factory Our Suppliers here in our Feed are all Small / Home Factory background.

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“Hmm, that price point might be a bit steep.”

 I understand. However, the membership offers significant savings in the long run.
Membership Benefits: A Comprehensive Breakdown
Let’s delve into the compelling benefits of our annual membership, priced at USD 120, and uncover the immense value it offers.
1. Unmatched Voucher Savings:
Upon becoming an annual member, you gain immediate access to six exclusive discount vouchers, each worth USD 40. This translates to a total saving of USD 240, effectively doubling your investment!
2. Unlocking Unbeatable Wholesale Prices:
Enjoy significant cost savings by accessing our exclusive “rock-bottom” prices. Assuming a conservative 20% reduction in your cost of goods, a monthly purchase of USD 2,000 would result in a saving of USD 400. Considering the annual membership fee of USD 120, the savings potential is immense over a year.
3. Outpacing the Costs of Self-Sourcing Trips:
Compare the costs of self-sourcing trips to China with the convenience and savings of our membership. A typical 4-day 3-night trip would include:
  • Roundtrip airfare to Guangzhou: USD 350
  • Hotel accommodations: USD 150
  • Visa: USD 75
  • Meals: USD 50
  • Miscellaneous expenses: USD 50
Totaling approximately USD 675 per trip. Factor in the frequency of such trips throughout the year, and the savings from our annual membership become even more evident.
In conclusion, our annual membership offers a remarkable return on investment, providing substantial savings through vouchers, wholesale prices, and reduced sourcing costs. Join us today and experience the power of value!

“Can you give me a more details?”

For a similar overview, please visit our dedicated website here.
This website serves as a specialized dress supplier, drawing from the same sources as our Shahe Wholesale Hub membership. For a clear comparison between the two options, refer to the table below :


Product Category

Bonus Supplier Products

Update Frequency

Model Numbers /update

Update Sorting

Price Inclusion

Membership Fee

Discount Vouchers
SWH Membership

Shahe Market

Tops, Bottom, Dresses

+ 2 Free Popular Product Categories

3-4 x /week

9-12 Models /update

Unsorted, Originally Update from Each Supplier

Not Included, Contact Us.

USD 18 /month atau USD 120 /year

Special Member Discount Vouchers
Non SWH Member

Shahe Market

Dresses Only


1-2x /week

6-7 models /update



Free – Shop Directly

General Discount Vouchers
SWH Membership

Source : Shahe Market

Product Category : Tops, Bottoms, Dresses

Bonus 2 Popular Product Categories

3-4 x Update /week

9-12 Models /update

Update Not Sorted, Originally  From Each Supplier

No Price Showed, Contact Us

Membership Fee USD 18 /month or USD 120 /year

Special Member Discount Vouchers
Non SWH Member

Shahe Market

Dresses Only

No Bonus

1-2x /week

6-7 models /update


Price Showed

Free – Shop Directly

General Discount Vouchers

So, you can choose your Membership option, whether is Annual or Monthly Membership.

Additional Considerations:

  • Limited-Time Half-Price Promo: Seize this opportunity to secure annual membership at half the regular price for a limited time only. The exact duration of this promo is yet to be determined, but it’s subject to change once we reach a critical supplier onboarding milestone.

  • Monthly Membership for Trial Purposes: While monthly membership offers a flexible entry point, it’s best suited for initial trial and experience. Frequent membership terminations can hinder your ability to capitalize on trending products and optimize your sourcing strategy.